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Manulife One and The GPS System for Money™

Manulife One, while it is a great all-in-one banking solution that combines your mortgage with your chequing account, savings account and loans by combining your debt and savings in a single account given that your savings work to reduce your borrowings and your interest cost, it does give cause for concern. It is said that [...]

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Recently I was at a conference during which I was speaking with a financial professional and we were discussing each other’s careers. 
While talking with him he shared with me his and his office’s approach to “complete financial planning”.  He had me intrigued and so I continued our conversation by asking him the same three [...]

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Identifying The “True” Expense of RRSPs and RRIFs

A common mistake investors make is not identifying the true expense of RRSPs and RRIFs.  Investors tend to only think short term in regards to tax planning. For example, an investor will buy an RRSP, (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) in anticipation of the tax refund come the following April without giving any thought to the [...]

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Hello….What’s with the drill?

So what’s the drill all about?  When you go to a hardware store to buy a drill bit why are you buying it? Is it because you want a collection of drill bits, or is it because you desire a hole? Similarly, when it comes to your financial well-being you don’t need someone to sell [...]

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Ignoring Common Tax and Retirement Planning Mistakes

Learning, Knowing, Understanding, Yet Ignoring These Common Tax and Retirement Planning Mistakes Investors Make The Single Most crucial mistake an investor can make is to gain knowledge and do nothing with it.  Everyone can procrastinate at times, however the cost of doing so can have major, negative impacts on personal finances. Then there are those [...]

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