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"I have known Jeff for a few years now and in my opinion he is one of the best conceptual marketers that I have seen in my 20+ years dealing with advisors. He takes a client approach in developing and communicating financial solutions. I would strongly suggest that it is worth an advisor’s time to review his system for potential real life application to real life situations of the Canadian families."

Daniel Dessureault

Bilingual Business Development Executive in the Financial Services Industry

"We highly recommend the GPS System, we have been on this journey for 1 1/2 years and can verify that it really does work!! Our Agent showed us a booklet that set our Goals, the Process and the Strategy and showed us a different financial future.

We, like many, had bad debt (credit cards) and always seemed to have more month long after the money ran out. For all our lives we paid our bills and accumulated more debt just trying to survive, not sure where we would have been without this being introduced to us. Our booklet showed us in a clear summary our present finances and with a few changes what we could achieve for our future. We eliminated credit cards, paid off our childrens’ student loans, save monthly for our retirement and our monthly payments dropped by over $1000, all by redistributing our money.

Before we were introduced to the GPS System our money situation felt like failure and quite depressing, now our finances have less stress , cash flow again and finally on the right track for our retirement. Thanks for putting the HOPE back into our lives!

Much appreciated,"

Mary Ann & Mike

Bookkeeper and Electrician

"Hi our names are Anna & Dominic and when the GPS was introduced to us we were very amazed at how it would save us money and lots of it. We tried it and it saved us about $3,000.00 a month, which would make it $36,000.00 a year we had a lot of credit card debt and it is starting to finally go away. We even introduced it our friends and they were very happy with it."

Anna & Dominic

Homemaker and Personal Driver

"Someone said ” If you don’t have a map, how will you know when you get there ” This GPS tool is the absolute best map you can use. My wife and I used it to reorganize our finances and improve our monthly cash flow. What a difference it made after just 1 year. Our only regret is that this was not available any sooner. "

Luc and Bonnie

Retired and Stained Glass Artist

"As a Financial Advisor I have found the GPS System for Money to be of great benefit, as a useful tool, for both my clients and myself. It takes a holistic approach of the clients’ financial picture and engages them to provide their personal (exact) numbers. The results are printed in a professsional, presentation folder. The graphs contained are easy to read and provide both personal and measurable results both in dollars and in time. The presentation is well laid out and clients can readily see the multiple dollar savings affecting their bottom line plus the many short-falls for investments, life insurance and retirement planning along with recommended solutions. These lead to easy discussions and a higher rate of closing on an increased number of products. As an advisor, the clients’ data are incorporated into the system and the system then provides recommendations which easily lead to expanding or introducing new products to meet the clients’ needs. The system provides paperwork for the lawyer to draw the appropriate funds from the new mortgage to cover the new products. This actions confirms the clients’ commitment to the program and does not allow the client to move their funds into secondary areas. The program provides excellent source of income, on the multiple products, strengthens client-advisor relationship and great opportunities for referrals. Thank you for structuring the program and inviting me to be part of it. Warmest regards,"

Margaret Janecki

Financial Advisor

"Approaching my senior citizen years, I was apprehensive of my financial future. The stock markets were volatile, and I did not have a company pension to count on. With the able assistance of an experienced and approachable agent, I now have an improved monthly cash flow and a guaranteed income. My financial picture has been tightened and I enjoy peace of mind for the future. The GPS System for Money was instrumental in achieving my goals."

Gretchen Greene O’Brien

Retired Executive Assistant