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Can I Trust The GPS System for Money™ with My Money and My Information?

Yes. The GPS System for Money™ is a tool that your financial professional has available to them to serve you. It is not an investment firm and therefore any investments made through utilizing the GPS System for Money™ will be done so into one, or many of the company affiliations of the GPS System for Money™ and your financial professional. The only money paid to the GPS System for Money™ is for the GPS System for Money™ fee.

We also take the protection of your financial information very seriously, read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

What’s the risk to me?

The risk you assume is twofold: You need to ensure that the data you provide your financial professional at the onset of utilizing the GPS System for Money™ is accurate and not “best-estimates”. The GPS System for Money™ will use the information you provide and so it is best to take the information directly from your most recent statements. The second element of risk is not realizing your personal results due to your lack of follow through and sticking to the process. Together, with your financial professional, follow through with the outlined steps needs to be of utmost importance to remove this risk.

How are my results guaranteed?

Given that the GPS System for Money™ uses only your facts and figures and that no assumptions, variables, estimates, projections, or illustrations of hoped for returns etc, it will generate guaranteed results. That being said and as noted above, if there is no follow through on any and all of the steps laid out in your custom-tailored report than those results are null and void. Any guarantee of retirement income is a guarantee offered through the respective affiliated companies and should any of those companies make any changes or cancellations of their respective products then two things need to be noted; First, it has typically been the case that any contract changes will not impact current contract holders, they will only impact new contracts on a go forward basis. Second, the GPS System for Money™, its parent company, your financial professional nor the preparer of the report can be held liable for any change made to any affiliated company contract(s).

What is the GPS System for Money™ fee?

The GPS System for Money™ philosophy is that anything of true value needs to have a cost associated with it. At the same time the GPS System for Money™ needs to be affordable to best serve individuals. The GPS System for Money™ fee is based on your results. If the GPS System for Money™ does not provide you with known results in a known time frame, never any more than 5 years, there is no fee. This fee is never any more than 10% of your results. The average GPS System for Money™ fee is $1,995. You do not pay this fee from your pocket as it is paid from monies that would otherwise go towards interest expenses and or taxes.

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